Monday, June 23, 2014

Bot con 2014

Here are some highlights from bot con 2014, from the exclusive toys to universal studios to the dealer's room, it was an action packed weekend!


We are finally getting an generations arcee! Yessssss!



The jet fire is pretty awesome too!  

The sky byte was awesome too! 

I wore my human megatron briefly and got some photos of some great costumes! 


Human barricade! 


A very cute lady prime! 


And I met Jem! (Samantha Newark)

Fun and wacky antics with friends! 


A shout out to toy worth!

 Here is Austin and Andrew (Mr. Toy Worth) below.

Friends Jerry and Tara! 

Rachel as human ironhide with a door prize!

And universal studios was pretty cool too!  We were all about the Simpsons though....


All of the best panels were on Sunday!  Another great botcon! 

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  1. Another great con! Wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing!