Sunday, July 6, 2014

Toys, toys and a princess themed birthday!

StaAlthough I have been quiet lately, I have still been busy with crafts, crochet and toy shopping.  My dad picked up a couple of Barbie accessories (on the ends of the pic) and the dresses with accessories in the middle were finds from Tuesday Morning.   Tuesday Morning is usually well organized and there are rock bottom prices on all types of toys.   If anyone is into the bot shots or contruct bots, Tuesday morning is the place to go. 

Below are a couple of strawberry shortcake figures.   Blueberry muffin and orange blossom.  I could no resist.  I haven't found an orange blossom figure.  These were found at Ross. 


The cityville invasion sets are starting to turn up at Ross and Marshall's.  These sets have some pretty unique parts. 

One of my besties Heather had a birthday party for her daughter and the theme was Frozen!  Everything about this day was Disney princess related.  Piñata and all.....



The princess head! Forgive me I have not seen Frozen yet.  But the lone piñata head was pretty cool. 


     They day wouldn't be compel eye without a cell phone shot.


Good times.   Since my little niece is into Disney, here is an excuse for even more goodies for her......


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