Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Toys R Us run and more Burlington Coat Factory finds.....

For all of you G1 fans, new generations are coming out.  My husband and I anxiously await a few of these in particular.   I woke up way too late and missed out on the sale at Target.    All of the generations figures are 10 bucks.   However, I did find some figures at TRU and had coupons.

Scoop is very retro!  Love the colors! 


I saw skywarp last week and went to TRU just to pick him up.  


These were interesting so I threw them in the basket too.  I can wait to get Starcream.  It looks like they had plenty.   They were running out of Skywarp.

Burlington coat factory added a few different sets from what I saw from the last visit.  The beasthunters
Set was the same, but the pieces in that set can be used for something else.  I love how the kreon figures are so versatile.   I really hope Hasbro continues with the Kre-o franchise and come out with the Jem and the holograms sets in the future. 

I also went to Michael's and Joann's for yarn.   Now back to my knitting projects.......

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