Monday, April 20, 2015

Renaissance Faire Time Traveler weekend 2015

My friend Theolynn and I went to Ren Faire this past Sunday and had a blast.  It was a gorgeous day and the temperature was a perfect 80 degrees. As usual, people were happy, friendly and pleasant! Not to mention some great shopping and that it was Time Traveler weekend, which means that it's steampunk time!

Lynn wanted a picture of this beautiful fairy.  We forgot that these fairies didn't talk! 

So much color and life was present!

There is always beautiful handcrafted pieces every year! 


This was my favorite Costume trio of the day!  Steampunk DC cosplay!  

Lynn has many trying to charm her....

Especially the man with the crowns.....

Me and my Goggles!

Another mystical creature!

I guess there was a costume contest.  While we sat down to take a break and get a drink, we saw these fabulous people.....

And more fun people.......

These three were also awesome!  

Oh and the knights!!!!

Especially this knight! (Smile)

And the jousting!!!

We were functioning on limited sleep but we had a blast.....

And made some friends!!!

This guy had the best smile of the day!

This guy came a close second......

Lots of singing and dancing on the way out.  Overall, a fun day!

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