Saturday, April 18, 2015

Star Wars celebration 2015

And so the day came.  The 2015 Star Wars celebration.  Although we really wanted to attend for all four days, the mister and I decided to go for one day due to work schedules and a future upcoming vacation.   

We found our friend Andrew who runs and said hello.  It's always good to see him. 

Almost immediately it was sensory overload.  My friend Katie joined the mister and I as we enjoyed the Star Wars atmosphere. 

Yeah, I went a little Gaga over the cars.  I want that truck, but I prefer a Chevy over a Ford.  Now for more sensory overload......

There were more casual cosplayers than I expected and there were some fantastic costumes.

I love seeing a Steampunk spin on just about anything and this was awesome!

A couple that cosplays together stays together....

Bad assed stormtrooper!

This was my favorite costume of the day! Classy 40's chewbacca!  So beautiful!

A hello kitty R2D2. Adorable! 

There should be more men who cosplay this way, too often, it's up to the women to be sexy.

Everyone was trying to get a picture with Jabba, so I settled for the side when the coast was clear!

Tattoo Artists! 

I had to get a shot of this.  People wouldn't believe me unless I took a photo! 

Lego play area! There were more adults than kids! 

Austin made this with his eyes closed.  Even with directions, I was still asking him what went where. 

I ran into a friend Jason! He came out all the way from Hawaii! It was good to see him!

Eddie Van Halen and Star Wars? Yes please. 


As 7pm hit, they turned out the lights in the hall.  It reminded me of what I do at work when I close. Haha! 

It happened.   As we were leaving, we spotted a Jedi wheeljack! Incredible! 

We have a ton of stuff at home already, but there were a few things I couldn't say no to. 

The mister and I have matching shirts of course.  He will deny that this was his idea.  

After a long day, we are tuckered out! It was worth it!

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  1. Looks like it was a great time!! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!