Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tamz's Food for thought # 3

My thoughts. my blog.  My business.  Don't like it, don't read em!

1. Silence isn't always golden.  Many people are silent because they are plotting and manipulative. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and it can also save a life.  If you are keeping a secret that can endanger someone, go to the cops and/or call them out.  Yes, some people will end up on "Snapped" or "Dateline" because they have people in their lives that assume they are ok when it's clear that this person is completely unhinged.  I'm leery of cryptic people. The guilt will eventually be unbearable. Everyone deserves compassion, but some people really need help.  The LAPD is here to help.  Being a civil servant myself, I have met a lot of great cops.

2. Lemmy Kilmister is dead and it sucks.  I don't think many metalheads will ever be over it.  Many of us are not over Dimebag not being with us.  Natalie Cole was gone too soon too.  I think all of the metalheads need to catch Black Sabbath one last time.

3. Don't burn a bridge and ask me to send a boat.  I'm out of canoes and I haven't built any in awhile.  I don't have the space.  Keeping people in your life to use them creates bad karma on your end.

4. Why do people find it difficult to support their friends businesses and endeavors, but have no issues supporting and following celebrities they don't know?  I would rather help a friend pay a bill than a privileged celebrity I don't know.

For instance, Here are some friends I support ........


Retro Con 2016

Bad Culture  & BC-Mixology

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