Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tamz's Food for thought # 4

1. We all get dumped and get our hearts broken at least once in life.  Sometimes, many times.   I have compassion for anyone who is heartbroken. Take as much time you need to heal. Be angry, let it out, but don't hurt or harm anyone else in the process.  Learn from it, heal and move on.  The person who really dogged me the most, did me the biggest favor of my life. And I thank him!   Sometimes, if you are honest with yourself, you see it coming.  Often times, we are blind sighted.  When you are blind sighted, it's a blessing in disguise. May not seem that way, but over time, you will see that it is.   No one gets through life without some form of heartache and disappointment. Remember, an Ex is an Ex for a reason.  There are too many people in the world who will be compatible with you.  Don't end up on "Snapped" or "Dateline".

2. We become who we associate with.  No matter how strong we think we are. Negativity, strife and envy are like cancer and viruses.  Spread quickly and easy.  Misery always looks for company. Hang out with funny people who don't make too many jokes at the expense of others.

3. Real health starts with the gut.  I don't know why so many people are uptight about bathroom habits and flatulence.

4. I have met and worked with many people who work with animals and who volunteer at animal shelters. They are either complete narcissistic, egotistical, moody sociopaths or athletic, happy, hipsters who make their own beauty products.  Some are a combo of both.  In most cases they are either one or the other.  One of my best friends, does all types of fundraisers for cats.  She is a good person and a nice person.  I can speak for her! However, working with animals doesn't automatically qualify you as a good person.  I have had some shitty experiences dealing with people working at rescues and shelters. There are good people and there are nice people.  Good deeds don't make up for an ugly spirit.  Some are both, some of us are one or the other. Anyway, aren't animals suppose to make people better people?

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