Monday, September 12, 2016

Brick Fest 2016

So, the mister and I checked out Brickfest a couple of weeks ago.  This was the first mutual day we had off together in a long time.  We both love Legos, so what better place to be?

This shirt is a must for anyone who likes MLB! 

The merchandise was cute!  The place was packed and there were many building tables for kids and vendors.  We took out time to take it all in.   Kids of all ages everywhere were enjoying what Lego has to offer!

Here are some of our favorite creations......

Being a fan of Disney, the Finding Nemo creation was awesome!

It's all about Ghostbusters!!!!

And here are some other builds......

It seemed like there were more adults building than kids.  Kids tend to get more excited over the mini-figures it seems.

Kids also are huge on the Lego Video games too! 

Top dollar mini-figures....Kids and (some grown folk) love the little Lego people!  They seem to be a higher demand than most bricks and even some sets.   When Mini-figs run on average 3-4 dollars, many popular ones can go up in price.

Patty and Selma.  Want and need!


The album covers were too cute!

There were some great finds with many of the vendors.  Loads of custom molds and everyday items, such as the bookmarks and paper clips below.

I got excited over the earrings!  Very Very neat!

Overall, a fun day, with a lot of great stuff to look at!  

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