Monday, September 26, 2016

Humbled by FB birthday posts, but nearly ready to quit it and limit itto work related stuff.

As I continue into my early 40's, I am tending to celebrate with my small circle.  I was spoiled by my girls!   I had a great weekend.   It was hot as hell, but I did my best to stay in air conditioning or by the water.  Logging onto Facebook and checking messenger, I was overwhelmed with birthday greetings.   It's nice to be considered or remembered.  I have pissed so many people off in my life, I am lucky to still have folks to care to acknowledge me.  Even people I have pissed off either messaged me or sent me a FB greeting.  So, I am deeply thankful and humble.  I am insignificant and a tiny grain of sand on this planet.  So, for that I am grateful for another year.

 We spend so much time on our hamster wheels and phones until most people forget how to communicate.  Or they scroll in their phones, ignore, like, love, block, whatever happens on social networking.  It's exhausting trying to keep up.   I would rather work out, read a book or invite a friend over to binge watch something on Netflix (or on demand).  Going forward, I am going to continue to leave my house more and actually make an effort socially.  So far, I don't think I'm doing too bad, but there is room for improvement.  

I keep my Facebook account to communicate with some people who hate texting or talking on the phone.  And for professional reasons.  But I'm over many aspects of it and I am on the fence about deleting it.   A friend of mine deleted hers awhile ago and she doesn't miss it.  Texting her tonight is causing me to rethink social networking........

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