Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nerd Bot Con 2016

I decided I would hit up a new one day nerd convention at the Pasadena Convention Center. This was the first annual Nerdbot-Con.  The fellas from the Nerds With Attitude Podcast had a table there.  I have made friends with some of the wives of the men that are part of the NWA group and to show support, my friend Diana and I checked out this con for a few hours.

To get in the convention going spirit, we dressed up as Mario and Luigi.  Her daughter Emily was Toad.  

This Con encouraged attendees to dress up and show off their cosplays!  There were so many fantastic costumes....

Meanwhile at the NWA table....

There were cosplay group tables, games, (zombie shooting in action below) and vendors with neat stuff. 

Favorite thing from Artist Alley....

More great cosplays...

The Nerdbot girls were super nice and friendly.  


Below is Diana's daughter Brooklyn posing with one of the Ladybugs (Los Angeles women's comics creator league)

They were the sweetest girls ever!

We chatted with Norm and Susan who run Karate Pet Shop Comics. 

Here is my purchase of the day.....

More Art and cosplay...

Here is one of my favorite cosplays of the day.  A lovely Harley Quinn!


I ran into Optimus Prime and Megatron.  Thanks again to NWA podcaster, Kevin for the picture!

Genius Stranger Things cosplay group!  

Thank you to Diana for the extra photos and company!