Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red queen inspired jewelry

I had never dressed up for Dapper Day at Disneyland and I was inspired when I saw this adorable dress at Hot Topic on clearance in my size! I could not pass it up and I only paid around 24 dollars for the dress after the discount.  It was all red with Gold heart undertones and had this flattering sweetheart neckline.  Hot topic has really been stepping up their game with their pop culture themed dresses and skirts.  They carry sizes from 0 to 28 which is fantastic and I believe Hot Topic owns Torrid, so they have the same style or type of dresses.

I wanted to make some matching accessories that would go with the theme, so i went to Joann's and found some heart-shaped pendants.  I already had some rose beads and some findings, so this was what I came up with over the span of a couple of hours.

The bracelet was already a chain of beads, so this is just added findings.

I wanted earrings that would pop and I think the gaudy aspect is what I was going for for this look.

I liked how  the pendant with the red cord came out, because it went with the contrast of the gold in the dress.


I tried on the earrings and realized that they were too heavy, so I made a smaller pair.

These felt much lighter and were more comfortable to wear.


And now for the dress!

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