Thursday, June 20, 2013

I couldn't wait. The Winery Dogs CD

I confess, I couldn't wait for the 7.23.13 release date for this CD.  So when my friend Darren offered to burn it for me, I gave him an enthusiastic yes!  This is classic rock n' roll and what should be played on L.A. radio. 

The Winery Dogs consists of an underrated power trio, Mike Portnoy on Drums, Richie Kotzen, lead guitar and lead vocals and the super bass genius, Billy Sheehan. (I have been in love with Billy Sheehan since I was in high school).   

Most know Billy from Mr. Big, Talas and playing with David Lee Roth and many more.  He is funky and one of the most underrated rock bass players out there.  

Mike P. was the genius behind Dream Theater.  For selfish reasons, I am hoping they resolve their differences and let him back in the band.  

And Richie Kotzen has played with everyone just about, even down to Poison.  

Check out their videos.....

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