Friday, June 7, 2013

So is everyone a Nerd now? I think Geek is a more appropriate term.

My answer is no.  However,  I think many want to be, because real nerds rock!  HAHAHA!  Lemme explain.

According to a true Definition of Nerd is:



 noun \ˈnərd\
: an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits<computer nerds>
                                                                                             The Free dictionary states that a nerd is: 

nerd also nurd  (nûrd)

n. Slang
1. A foolish, inept, or unattractive person.
2. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.

Back in the day, this was a negative or derogatory term for some, but for those of us that were truly nerds (you know, the ones that got picked on and bullied from preschool until high school and very often, into adulthood to present) were truly proud of who we were.   Maybe some of us were considered unattractive, but we weren't.  Some of us struggled with our weight, wore thick glasses and were shy.  And we definitely weren't foolish or that socially inept.  (Well maybe some of us were socially inept, but it didn't make us bad people.  Some of us were forced to be.  After all, it's hard to be social when no one wants to sit with you at lunch or when you are shoved into a locker. )  In school, nerds were the smart kids, odd kids, kids in glasses, kids that didn't wear the designer labels and those who hung out with other nerds.   By the time we reached high school, most of us in my crowd excelled academically and were college bound.   The ones who were not college bound had an entrepreneurial spirit and/or had work lined up right out of high school.   We were more interested in our choice hobbies than our appearance and were often misunderstood by the regular conformist crowd.    I remember nerds being nice and accepting of people who were different than them at the end of the day.   A few were self-righteous, but I remember those few really feeling bad if they hurt or insulted anyone.  No one wanted to be the bully or bad guy.   Again, nerds were nice, deep thinking and SMART.   SMART is the operative word.  Nerds studied and researched literature, science, math and things associated with pure fact.  We all read books, comics and played board games not because we had to, but because we liked it! (Still do!).  Some of us were smarter than others, but we all had common sense and decency.  Yes, we loved our comics, games, toys, cult movies and particular genre of music (progressive rock, soundtracks, musical theatre etc, hard rock and Metal) and we loved learning and gaining knowledge about current events as well.  We minded our own business and did our own thing. And we socialized with like minded people and they were not shallow relationships.  We were not trying to be cool or get attention.  In fact, socially inept, we were NOT!  In fact, many of us had dates from prom and/or grad night.  Yes, nerds had boyfriends and dated too!  And yes, some of these guys played Dungeons and Dragons every Saturday and were obsessed with anything George Lucas was a part of.  Some of the boyfriends were musicians and a couple were actors.  
What the hell happened?  
Since it's cool to be a nerd now, everyone calls oneself a nerd because they are obsessed with video games, toys, movies, cosplay or conventions and other stuff that is considered nerdy now.  Most nerds have been going to conventions and have been doing all of these activities for years.  Some of these folks now calling themselves nerds were the same ones that made fun of me and my friends.   I think a more appropriate term for these folks is "geek".  Some of these "adult geeks" were the beautifully normal people as kids and got invited to all the big parties. Some are average folks.  Many do not watch the news, read books or process scientific concepts.   In other words, many are not academically or intellectually inclined.   Not that is a punishable thing, it's just that some people just don't like to read, learn and watch the news.  Many are like the cattle that the nerds back in the day would complain about, only difference now is, everyone wants to wear the nerd/geek badge.  This is fine to say this and I roll with it.  Whatever.  As long as people are being cool and not being hateful, it's all good.   However,  some of these folks are just plain shallow, mean, competitive, stupid, ignorant and judgmental.   For example, They act obnoxious at conventions, harass cosplayers and are trolls online.   In other words, they bully other nerds/geeks.  OK, not all of these geeks, but too many of them act like self-righteous jerks.    This has amused and infuriated me for the past decade.  For instance, they make rude comments and exclude people that do not fit into "their group".  All because the person doesn't look or act like them or the person hasn't been a fan of something long enough.    It's great that they wear their geek pride like a badge of honor, but it's really obnoxious when you mistreat and/or harshly judge people that do not share your exact interests.  Really?  Is this really that important of the end of the day? And better yet, I am seeing more grown people over 30 acting like this and I thought I graduated high school 20 years ago.  Looking back,  some of the chicks I went to high school with were pretty damn cool and I am still in touch with most of my high school pals.   The nerds, geeks and even the ones who were hip.  I will make my point again, I am not saying that all nerds/geeks are bullies or jerks, I am just calling out the ones that are.   All of this childish behavior has caused me to reach out to people who are not entirely obsessed with pop culture 24/7.   Pop culture and trivia buffs, you are not all bad,  but it's good to have a regular conversation sometimes.

Look, not everyone is a nerd and some of us are just geeks.  Some of us are actually a little bit of both.  So what!  Just because you like Star Wars doesn't necessarily mean you are nerdy and/or geeky.   It's perfectly fine to be average and a casual fan of something.  Also, you can be attractive, physically fit and well-dressed and still be nerdy/geeky.   I have friends who are and were part of the popular crowd.  They are hip and I love it, because I'm not.   I actually like being a square and  I have been a nerd since birth and always will be.  I have noticed that the non-nerds and non-geeks are much nicer than the people who now call themselves nerds and geeks.  I would rather hang out with a welcoming and sincere the regular crowd  than a bunch of asshole geeks.  I am not saying all geeks are assholes, but too many are now.  It gives the real nerds a bad name.  In my mind,  the real nerds are the nice ones that are smart, compassionate and act like they have some sense.  I will emphasize NICE again.  Not mean, cruel or backstabbing.  Nice and sincere.  
Yes,  the real nerds out there spaz out over science,  Star Trek and other stuff they like.  I can imagine that a few of my colleagues think I'm a complete dork and I'm fine with that.   Real nerds rock because we fix problems at work.  A lot of us are bosses and managers.  HAHA!  I tell kids to be nice to the nerds, because they end up being your bosses.  For all the nerds that are still chill, nice, friendly and accepting of everyone, this is how nerds behaved back in the day.   Lets keep the love going.  After all, everybody likes to party!

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