Saturday, June 1, 2013

After a toy and trinket run, it's time for a night in for Austin and Tams

Okay, Austin and I are officially old.  As friends around the same age are getting ready to dance at an awesome goth club or one of my best friends and her honey hitting the Roxy in Hollyweird (she'd ought to bring her cute butt over for some wine, cheese and chocolate! ), we are opting for The Angel game and maybe some DVR later.  Austin is the only man that can get away with this.  Every other man in my life needed to entertain me.  Anyway, I digress.

Around 5pm, after Austin got off from work, I got an idea to go on a quick toy run and we got lucky at the TJMaxx near our place......

We do not have this set and I'm excited!  I cannot wait for us to open this up.  It looks like these second year KRE-O sets with the Optimus Prime and Megatron Kreons are out at all of the discount and close out stores.   Yay!  We also found another Battleship set that we can part out for pieces for the G.I. Joe sets.

These bricks are pretty cool and have some unique shapes.  I am looking forward to see what Austin can do with these pieces. 

Some honorable mentions as we hit the local close out stores such as TJ Maxx and Ross.....

 We have had our eye on these since they have hit Target and places like this, but we got a great deal.....  And Below are some beer koozies that I picked up from a local yard sale for 50 cents a piece. All we need are some Heinekens and/or Stellas.  

All in the spirit of our baseball team.  We are playing Houston tonight.  We have to play better!!!!  

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