Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hasbro is doing it right with KRE-O!

Today I have to take care of some errands and take my truck in for oil change.  Since, I go to mechanic in my old neighborhood and it's not far from my mom's, we hung out a little today.  She picked me up from the mechanic, we discussed our lunch plans and wanted to stay away from the mall today.  I had a few cars ahead of me, so we had hours to kill and I wanted to go on a couple of toy runs.   I wanted to hit a few Tuesday Mornings in the area, but I always forget that there is a Toys R Us near the 405 Freeway at Rosecrans.  I asked her to stop at Toys R Us, because they are having a BOGO (Buy one, Get one 50% off) on KRE-O again.    Glad we did.  These GI Joe sets are TRU exclusives and they are flying off the shelves because of all of the adults like me and my friends.

The Dragonfly XH-1 comes with a Wild Bill Kreon and a Cobra Trooper Kreon.  

The Serpent Armor Strike comes with a Double Clutch Kreon and a Cobra Mech Suit Pilot Kreon. 

Not only do they have bricks that are just as cool and versatile as Lego, they seem to have better pieces in these sets!  I know kids love the Kreons because I only found 3 packs of the Wave 2 blind packs of the GI Joe Kreons.

After Toys R Us, we checked Ross in the same shopping structure and there weren't any sets at that location.   Next, was lunch at Cozymel's and talk of the next stores we are going to visit. 

The next destination was Tuesday Morning where they had many Transformer sets, such as Sideswipe, Stealth Bumblebee and the large Prime and Megatron set which we scores a few months back.  My husband has already parted out and used many of those pieces for custom sets, so I bought all of the Battleship sets they had.

There was one Alien Strike, two Air Assaults, one Combat Chopper and one Mine Striker!  The Kreons from these sets have been really popular with our Ebay sales which surprised us and we have been using the parts from these sets to create some of my husband's custom GI Joe figures.  If anyone wants to check out his Ebay store, the link is here.

You cannot tell KRE-O bricks apart from LEGO bricks if you tried.  Maybe some of the colors, but the pieces all fit together perfectly.  It looks like Hasbro is doing it right, KRE-O rocks!

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