Sunday, September 15, 2013

My first lazy weekend in Months!

Well this weekend I did a whole lot of nothing.  I needed this for a long time.  I haven't had any open or free weekends since this spring.  Saturday and Sunday, I slept in until 11am and didn't get moving till after 1pm.   I didn't have plans other than seeing one of my best friends and doing some home repairs.

Yes I have some pink tools (thanks Dad!) and I have been using them.  All that is missing is a pink drill.  My current drill is a standard black.  I hung some pictures, gathered some frames with pictures that need a new frame, yet these may be done next weekend.  I broke down some extra boxes we had in the basement and just did some tinkering around.

Saturday, my friend Heather came over and I cooked some pesto chicken and veggies.  This meal went nice with our Pink Moscato champagne.  We vowed to do this more often, because it has been so long.  It was a day of relaxation and conversation.  I did not pick up a crochet hook, a lego brick, sewing needle or silver fish hook for an earring.  Sometimes, one needs to focus on present company without any activity or distraction.  (Unless, it's a all-ladies craft day! That's when it's appropriate to bring out all of the craft tools with the wine and champagne!)

Sunday, was another late day that included an errand to Target and some browsing at JCPenny and Sears.  The only reason why I visited these stores is that I had coupons.  Not much was there, but I replaced a pair of work shoes that died on me after fifteen years.  Even better, because I was able to use a Sears coupons to get a pair of cute, yet sensible work shoes.  (I am not going to bore you with pics, they are nothing to jump up and down about.).  My shopping trip lasted a total of two hours and that included drive time to the stores.  I am proud that I didn't waste any more time than that.  Now it's time to play more with my pink tools!  I could still stand to do more of nothing.....

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