Friday, November 1, 2013

Comikaze 2013 , day one

The lines to get pre-paid passes were short because it was a Friday.  I assume it was due to people being at work and it just been a day after Halloween.  I think LA, especially West Hollywood is still recovering from the biggest block party in LA.  Anyway, I got a later start that expected, but my friend Teri was in line early.  She and I met up around 11am and she already got her pass.  The effeciency of this convention is great.  I am sure all of the Saturday arrivals won't be standing in the sun for too long. The lines to get in move pretty quicky.

The convention didn't open until 1pm, so Teri and I went to the Yard House for lunch.  The advantage of going to a con near the convention center is there are enough places to eat at LA live and unfortunately I noticed the El compadre restuarant right across the street from the convention center after we ate.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, when the convention opens, we decide to hit a Star Wars related panel, "Learn how to use a light saber, choreography and dos and don'ts by the Saber guild" .  

This would make anyone want to be a Jedi.  I am a Sith by nature! 

Next checked out another panel, "Geek girls, Sexism within the geek subculture.   Same subject different convention.  It's another panel with strong creative women and the lamentations about guys being jerks to women at conventions.  Some male nerds will always be afraid of women and feel threatened by females that are open about their geek knowledge and hobbies.  My theory? They men that accuse women of being fake geek girls are ticked off, because they never could get a hot girl and that they feel that maybe their trivia will not be enough to keep a gal intrigued.  Some of the guys just need to let it go, take a shower and realize that it isn't that serious.

Moving on to the exhibit hall and/or showroom floor, there was the Video Game History Museum. OMG!  Pac-Man, Centipede, Atari, the original Gameboy were just a few of what we saw.  


And of course,Cosplay. 


and cool toys....


ECTO-1 and KIT, the highlights of my day!

  All in all, a fun day.....Looking forward to a crowded day two tomorrow....