Monday, November 4, 2013

Comikaze 2013, Day three

The final day of Comikaze consisted of bargain hunting and just hanging out.   My husband and I had a big breakfast at IHOP and soon met up with our friend Teri.   The first thing I checked out once again was the video game museum and I cannot believe I missed all of these classic albums laying around some of the consoles. I've got that "Never Surrender" album!


I snapped a few shots of some great cosplay that I may have missed yesterday!


The cutest ghostbusters ever! 


The highlight of my husband's day was meeting David Eckstein and he was kind enough to chat as well as pose for a picture.  


Apparently, the Ecto was moved on Saturday and luckily we got a picture with it.  I think Teri and I were so exhausted from Saturday and all of the cosplaying we didn't know where we were half the time. 
My hubby customizing a Lego Ecto at mini figure scale by the way......


Near the end of the day we went to a the following panel: All shapes and sizes welcome: Body image and women's issues in entertainment.  The ladies were great and made some valid points.  Teri also had to remind them that along with self-acceptance it's best not to compare yourself to other women! As women, many of us forget that, but the panel ended on a positive note.  Be sure to like their Facebook page. :) 


It was a fun, yet exhausting weekend.   I am looking forward to see how much this convention will continue to grow.  I really enjoy the diversity in panels and support of women in entertainment.

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