Monday, November 25, 2013

I finally finished it. The Decepticon scarf

Red heart yarn has team color combos that have been all over Joann's and Walmart for over a year or two now.    I bought the red and white combo for the Autobot scarf I made a few months back and the purple and white combo for the Decepticon scarf shown below.


I used a medium rectangular loom and used 14 rows.   


This was the progress earlier tonight.   I tend to loom knit faster than I do crochet.


I added some tassels at the ends and didn't want to make this too long.


Because I am still learning how to do patterns, I didn't knit in the insignia.  Maybe I will try that in the future as my knitting improves.  Thus, I hot glued the patches on the bottom of the scarf.


And the end result........


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