Saturday, November 2, 2013

Comikaze 2013, Day two.


Day two.  What can I say?  It's a typical Saturday at a convention.   It wasn't too crowded when we arrived around 10 am this morning.  The lines were short and everyone got their passes quickly and efficiently.  Chevy wore her She-Hulk costume and rocked it!  She made it herself! 


We caught up with Teri as she rocked her North Costume that was made from scratch! The swords were con-safe although she prefers the real thing and is well-trained to use them. 


I just put together an Iron Man ensemble and I decided to go with the face make-up instead of a helmet.  It was a lot more comfortable and I think I'll use face paint with more costumes going forward.  

It seemed like there were more vendors that yesterday, especially in artist's alley, which is always good and hopefully they will be there tomorrow. 

The Comedian and I! This is my favorite cosplay I saw today.  Below is a Laker Iron Man.

And more awesome costumes........


 Here is our Hot Topic pic!  

More stuff from the Spooky world of Elvira.....

Ecto-1 was not there today, but Chevy got a pic with Kitt!

We needed to get a good shot of Teri's North Tattoos!  So, after lunch, I took this for Teri.

We managed to get in a standing room only Panel about Archery.  "From Hawkeye to Green Arrow to Hunger Games - Archery and Pop Culture".  They gave a shout out to Daryl, so it turned out to be an interesting panel. 

After the panel, we walked around more and felt pretty exhausted, so it was time to call it a day. Good times.


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