Monday, April 29, 2013

Crazy Agate and Rose Quartz Tear drop pendants!

This rose quartz pendant is larger than expected.   The color is a bright pale pink with silver plated metal.  Below is crazy agate.  Agate is believed to absorb emotional turmoil and promotes laughter. Both gemstones encourage security, alleviate grief and promote compassion.  I think because of this, both pendants would make friendship necklaces. 


I added pink ribbon cord for the rose quartz pendant!  The Agate was matched with a chocolate brown satin cord.  This pendant in particular is smooth and has a warm tone! Agate clears energy blockages and soothes the organs of the body.  In other words,  it brings positive vibes and encourages happy energy! I see both stones as people stones.

The pinks matched perfectly!  I don't think the brown cording was too off either.  I purchase the ribbon and satin cording in these colors from Joann's.  Joann's carries a bigger variety of colors in cording and necklace findings.  

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