Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning Continues, and so does the De-cluttering Part 2

And so it's beginning, cleaning out closets. I started with the living room coat closet which consisted of coats, costumes, toys, Transformers, Photos, Purses, handbags, accessories etc.  Pictured above is a fraction of what I am getting rid of and this does not include the four bags of clothes that came from my closet.   This was difficult, because I am one to re-use and recycle.  There was a point in my twenties and early thirties that I had mostly club clothes in my closet.  Spandex, vinyl, lace, corsets, fishnets, fake suede, anything with a Frederick's of Hollywood label and platforms.  There was a reason for this, but not enough to be an excuse.   I needed to reassess my life and change some lifestyle habits.  I was getting tired of the crazy Saturday nights at the Rainbow anyway and decided to kick hard alcohol.   In fact, the clothes at Frederick's of Hollywood at the time didn't seem attractive anymore and seemed tacky.  

I called my friend Josh to talk me through this and he has encouraged me to send him photos of anything that I am on the fence about.  So far, I am firm in the decisions I have made when  it comes to the clothing.   If something seems ugly or doesn't fit right, I'm tossing it.   I am not even starting with my shoe collection yet.  That will be more difficult. 

It just looks like crap just sitting in the bags.  I think I have outgrown a lot of things I decided to part with and this will continue.  I am learning one rule.  Trendy usually equals ugly.  I find myself revisiting the classics as I shop.  I still have not bought a pair of stirrup pants yet, but I have bought stretch pants (and jeggings).  I think I'll end up trashing those eventually and opting for Levi's 501 jeans. Babydoll dresses are back and I have gotten rid of maybe four or five dresses in the past six months.   I have held on to a few unique dresses and anything with polka dots because I just can't let them go.   As I have stopped shopping for clothes, the more I lose interest in fashion and just want to wear jeans.  I will always wear T-shirts, but I am getting rid of anything worn out and stained.   Some shirts, like concert tees have sentimental value, but some of those need to go as well.   The ones I want to keep I plan on cutting them and reconstructing them so that they are wearable again.   

The next section of my closet is hosiery.  I have tons of tights, fishnets, stockings etc.  Whatever is worn out and has a hole, has to go.........

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