Monday, April 22, 2013

Rose Quartz and jade Strikes Again....

These stones are for love or money stones.  I had bought a bracelet a few years back that had this so called combination, but it was actually aventurine.  Many confuse jade and aventurine because they are both green.  I notice a huge difference now that I work with all types of gemstones.  Real jade ranges from a pale green to a warm bright green.   Aventurine is always a bit darker.

Both jade and rose quartz are great stones to enhance fertility and devotion.   

Rose quartz is the number one friendship stone next to moonstone.  Moonstone absorbs the wearers moods, Rose quartz encourages tolerance and unconditional love.   

Both stones enhance the wearer's self-worth!  We all need a little encouragement!

Jade helps people recognize the truth without clouded judgement.  In other words, it's all about discernment.  Not to mention, great to wear to represent money and prosperity in every aspect in life!  Wealth and prosperity isn't only about money.

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