Saturday, April 27, 2013

A little something to wear for Ren Faire!

I love the Renaissance Faire! My friend Shevy and I decided to check it out this year.  It's been years since I have gone and I have really dressed up for the occasion in the past.    I have worn flower garland headbands/headpieces in the past, but wanted to make my own so I put together something pretty quick for the weekend!  My former brother-in-law made me a gorgeous one in 2002, but I could not find it!  Forgive me if I am not using the proper language for all of the Ren Faire diehards out there! :)

I had some silk flowers that I used and I bought more black and purple silk roses from Michael's!  I planned on adding ribbon, but forgot about it as I got into the project.

I was going to use just hot glue, but decided to use safety pins just in case I wanted to change some of the flowers in the future.  

However, I did use hot glue for the leaves. 

It was a pirate theme this weekend and I didn't have much of that in my costume collection, but I made it work.  I have a bunch of fairy like costumes, but I wanted to steer away from that a bit.  I noticed a lot of gals dressed like fairies and they looked fantastic!

In fact,  I knew it was going to be really warm this weekend, so I wanted to wear something that didn't cause me to suffocate too much! Here are some highlights of today.....

There were a ton of vendors that had unique items.  Tons of clothing, jewelry and accessory vendors.  There was a vendor that seem to sell every gemstone available and most of it was authentic. Some dyed stones, but not many.   Shevy picked up a gorgeous wand and we both selected some incense.

Overall, it was a fun day!  Lots of great shopping, some decent snack food and Stella on tap! I also felt inspired from the jewelry I saw and I have a great appreciation for all of the talented people out there selling their goods!  It is worth going for the shopping and crazy fun atmosphere!  And you can't ignore all the fabulous costumes and corsets! 


  1. Your headband is beautiful! It really adds a graceful touch to an otherwise tough outfit :)