Monday, April 1, 2013

Earrings of the day

Tiger's eye is a luck stone that is great for healing restless emotions and presents the wearer great opportunities.   This stone also is known to balance one's well being and help one focus one present goals.   

I paired these tiger's eye beads with crystal rock beads and maybe an onyx bead for a spacer at the top.

I used sterling silver findings and fishhooks.   I thought this looked better than the black plated findings I could have used.  

These came out ok.  I like the shape of the tiger's eye beads, because they are a bit flat.   The round beads tend to make a nice accent beads to this pair.  

Some believe that Tiger's eye helps the wearer have clear insight and provide protection from the evil eye.   It stimulates wealth, prosperity and practicality.   For health and metaphysical healing, it is great for bruises, night vision, digestion and the reproductive system!


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