Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Autobot Cheerleader Costume

Inspired once again by my friend Rosemary, I decided I wanted to make my own Autobot cheerleader costume.  I put together and wore a Decepticon cheerleader costume at Bot Con 2012.

I added a Decepticon Insignia patch and matching legwarmers.  The cute gal to the right is my friend Rachel Coppersmith as a human Ironhide.  The Pic below is Rachel and I again.  As you can see, my badge covers my Decepticon patch, but you get the idea.  

This year, I wanted to put together a more modest cheerleader costume for my Autobot version, because Bot Con is one of the more smaller and family friendly conventions.  Although I do have another Autobot related cheerleader costume with a shorter skirt, I  at least wanted to make a cheerleader costume that included a skirt that maybe cut right at the knee to cover most of the thigh area.  In my opinion, wearing a costume that shows too much skin is not appropriate for this convention. With that being said, I am not against those  who choose to wear more revealing costumes or outfits that are more form fitting. 

Of course I have to go with the red and white color scheme for the uniform.   I bought a skirt in a larger size to make sure the skirt wasn't too short and a uniform top that wasn't going to be too tight. 

 There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to putting together a cheerleader uniform/costume.  Anywhere from midriffs, leotards, tank tops, sweaters, shorts, skirts, pants,etc.  They are available in all sizes and can be suited to fit ALL body types.  It's best to choose an ensemble that you feel comfortable wearing.  There are some negative stereotypes about cheerleaders that I think are complete BS, because traditionally cheerleading is an athletic activity which takes some athletic ability as well as some positive spirit.   Also,  it's a great costume idea for the girls to put together if they want to focus on their favorite transformer without wearing a Robot-like costume.  

I bought a large Autobot patch that measured around 10 inches.

I attached the patch to the white top and it seemed like a good fit.

The Pom Poms are always easy to find because they can be ordered online, or you can go to many sporting goods or toy stores to find them.

The pom poms for my Decepticon cheerleader I ordered online, because I wanted a particular shade of purple.

The outfit was a simple one to put together.  If I were to work on a cheerleader for a particular Autobot or Decepticon, I would add more detail that would illustrate the character more.

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