Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Falcon costume debut.......Easter Sunday at Wondercon 2013

I started my Falcon costume idea around 6 months ago.  I wanted to do an African-American superhero and Falcon was the first that came to mind.   Since I love the Avengers and the next Captain America movie is coming out, I wanted to make a Falcon costume since Anthony Mackie will be portraying him in the film.  (YAY!)  I started collecting the costume, bit by bit.  Gloves here, red jeggings there and I needed red feathered wings.   I already have a couple pairs of white boots and a pair in red that could have been used as well.

I do not have the patience and skill yet to make them, so I bought them online.  Cheap!!!  They weren't too big, but they were just wide enough for what I wanted.   

Since you cannot buy a Falcon costume yet, I knew I had to design one myself.   I went to Michael's to get materials for the red on the top and for the eye mask.  This is just a first attempt, so I figured I wouldn't stress about trying to make it perfect.    

I looked at back comics, pictures of toys and artwork for inspiration for my costume.   They have a few different versions of his costume on action figures and in comics. 

I did some rough sketching of this design and used sticky felt.   I wanted to test this with felt before I try to update this costume with actual red fabric.  The bottom of the top came out better than I expected. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the big "V" or the red feathers on the white background.  I figured the "V" would be easier. 

The felt wasn't too sticky and I thought I would either stitch this on to the shirt or use the hot glue gun. 

I decided to use the hot glue gun, because it remembered how difficult it was to stitch through sticky felt.  Now if it was regular felt, using a needle and thread would be fine.  

For the eye mask, I didn't want a huge mask on the side of my face, especially in white.   Being a foundation wearer, I knew it would be uncomfortable and covered in make-up by the end of the day.  (Gross).  So I made it on a smaller scale and it was easy to take on and off. 

I started with a masquerade mask and glued white and yellow felt around it.  Again, I know the visor should go down the side of the face, but I usually tend to make my masks and some headgear for my costume on a smaller scale. 

I have more ideas for the boots, but I just decided to wear my white platform boots.  In the future, I am going to make white fringe boot tops to wear with the red boots I own for this costume.  

I wore this today at Wondercon.  Some people recognized this character, others (some wearing Captain America shirts) did not.  (HAHA!).   I plan on revamping and tweaking this costume in the future.  I may add a corset top, skirt or shorts, but I tend to like the pants the best.  

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