Sunday, January 6, 2013

Comic Book Shoes 1/6/13

My friend Trish had this idea for a girls day.  And that was, to cover a pair of shoes with comics.  Last week I posted a pic of some cool heels that were covered with comic book pics and we felt inspired to make our own.   If we were to buy those exact pair we saw, it would have been close to a hundred bucks.  ( I think not.)  At least, I cannot justify that purchase right now.

So today, Trish, our friend Abby and I got together and decided to work on this project together.  We drank awesome Dunkin donuts coffee and ate pizza!  Now, this is a way geek girls bond!  I decided to use an old beat up pair of heels that I have used for costumes and cosplay in the past.   So here are the shoes before:


This pair is pretty scuffed, but the bottoms and heels are still in decent shape.  My plan was to cover these shoes with older G1 based Transformer comics.   Abby covered an old pair of sneakers with X-men comics and Trish covered a pair of black Platforms with GI Joe comics.  

We used Mod Podge for the sealer, sponge brushes and odds and ends to get the job done.

I can get pretty messy working on my projects.  I was covered with glue and paper clippings.  Since this is my first attempt at doing something like this, I just winged it and just started clipping and sealing.  Here are some shots of the progress.  We worked on both shoes at the same time.  We thought it would be better to work on one, then switch to the other to allot for drying time.  It seemed to work out.  This was not easy though, especially gluing pictures around the heel.  (Forget about the straps. I didn't touch those!)  We all used a sponge brush as the applicator.  It absorbs a lot of glue and it got messy.


The instructions on the Mod Podge bottle advised that five coats should be added for a built-up finish.  I still need to do that over the next few days.

Here are the other shoes!  They look great!  

It was challenging to apply the paper without creases or wrinkles, but I did my best.  I think they will look neat from far away once they are done and I'll wear these pair at Bot Con 2013.  

Thanks again to Trish for hosting this craft party and her idea to do this!  This was a lot of fun and I want to do this again with a different pair.  I plan to get some waterproof sealant once I am done with these.  As I look at them, there are different pictures that I want to add in different spots and I need to do some touch ups in certain spots with an X-acto knife.


  1. That is beyond cool!! Oh my gosh, I wanna try!

  2. Try it! It's fun! I wanna try this again, but clunkier platforms!

  3. Those do look awesome! The side photo is the best. :)

  4. Thanks Iris! Still need to add a couple more coats!