Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scarf of the week 1/20/13


So I started this scarf on the loom this week and because it's wool yarn, I didn't want to make it too thick.  This color was bought at JoAnn's and it was a clearance color.  A very light lavender and it just seemed to plain to me.

Loom knitting goes by pretty quickly. ( It's almost like cheating with knitting!).  I saw these little ribbon roses and thought hmmm......I can add these to the scarf when I am almost finished.  This scarf turned out well, but I wanted to add something extra without knitting flowers...

Not bad for a first attempt.  I think I'll get the bigger roses next time or try different flowers.  Michael's had these in the dollar bins at the check out line.  These were hard to put on.  Some actually came apart.  

I like working with the wool and cotton yarns!  They are warm and they don't fuzz up as quick as the acrylic yarn.

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