Friday, January 25, 2013

Scarf of the week and Lego Friends Sets for the weekend! 1/25/13

I used my cozy wool yarn to finish this one!  And it came out even.  Crochet stitches are getting easier! I like the tools because it's easier to transport and carry around in comparison to the Loom!

I didn't need to go too long for this one because I ended up giving it to a petite friend at work!

I think it turned out pretty warm and cozy!  And to make my Friday brighter, my 4 friends sets came in the mail.  I am giving one of the sets to Austin for him to part out for certain colors and pieces he could use.  (I already have that set! :))

I love this girly series!  I still am missing many sets, but I'll build the collection slowly.  I really like the colors and new bricks!  The mini figures are something to get used to though.  They are adorable, but I wish they were like actual the mini figures!

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