Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Earrings of the day 1/16/13 and Lego Friends Rehearsal Stage

Alright!  Gotta break out the red with the black.  Red Dyed Coral beads and Black Onyx.  I like the natural coral, but it's pretty pricey and there is more dyed red coral available out there!

The coral beads had really small holes, so some of the beads did not slide on the pin smoothly.  Oh well.......I made it work.  I want to do a variation of these earrings and make them a little bit shorter.  Maybe used the dyed red coral chipped beads.  

After I was done, I decided to break open my Lego Friends set," the Rehearsal Stage".

Apparently, I am regressing to the age range of 6-12.  Now it's playtime!

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