Friday, January 11, 2013

Earrings of the Day 1/11/13

I decided to work with amatrine chipped beads tonight.   I had a few sterling silver hooks left so I figured why not??  I like the color of these stones.  I love the citrine gemstone meaning:  A money stone. (it's a great stone to wear while shopping, because it's luck for finding great deals) Since my favorite color is purple, Amethyst is a healing stone and great for tranquility   Amatrine is a rare stone that can get pretty pricey and found this strand of beads at Michaels and used a coupon with it.   Apparently, amatrine stone is great for depression and to help someone to become more psychically in tune.  

Making these was quick and I don't have enough stones to make a bracelet, but I can mix some regular citrine stones and make a semi-matching bracelet later.

This is another pair I'll keep for myself because I own a lot of purple and yellow.  

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