Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Earrings of the day 1/9/13

I have a bunch of chip beads and I decided to work with rose quartz and jade.  I love these gemstones!   Rose Quartz is one of my favorite stones.  It's represents for love, friendships, fertility and beauty.  Jade is a stone that represents luck and money!  Most green gemstones represent money (all in a positive way) and this is a good reason to wear gemstone jewelry.

Here is the progress of tonight....

and the end result.  I am making a pair for myself because I will wear these based on their meaning. 

I used platinum plated hooks and stems with this one.   They are simple and understated.  Jade and rose quartz are gemstones that can benefit anyone.   I think all women should wear them, because it is positivve energy.  Yes, I said it energy!  It's real people!

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