Thursday, February 14, 2013

Earrings of the day.... 2.14.13 and Valentine's Day thoughts...

It's Valentine's Day, but first and foremost, it's Thursday.  For all of you that are bummed out and are calling it Singles Awareness Day, again, it's Thursday first.  I am seeing too many amazing people whining and feeling sorry for themselves through their Facebook statuses.  Being single has more advantages than disadvantages and you can make your friends and family your Valentines.  I used to feel sorry for myself on this day when I was single and it was a waste of time.    In reality, you cannot eat flowers, balloons deflate, jewelry (if it's cheap) can turn your neck , wrists or fingers green and chocolates melt. Valentine's day can get very expensive and stressful in a relationship and it shouldn't be!    You are not missing a thing.  Have a night out with friends and enjoy yourself. Celebrate you and stay fabulous!  

Valentine's Day used to be a big deal for me, but this is my fourth Valentine's Day with my partner. I adore this man and he's my best friend!  This year, we decided not to fuss over this day because we've had so much going on.   We'll  celebrate of course, but I suggested we stay in tonight.  I work Friday anyway and I'd be exhausted if we went out.  (Waiting for a table somewhere is a waste of precious time, especially when I can make a better meal at home.)   We can exchange our little gifts and enjoy something great on Blu-Ray!   People should be showing love everyday, not just today.   However, the Mr. and I will be taking full advantage of the after Valentine's Day sales on Candy and goodies.  The chocolates and candles will be 50% to 75% off and that's worth the wait.  

Anyway, onto the earrings of the day:  Amber shell beads and plan shell beads.  

Both of these beads above are shell beads.  The dark ones are amber beads.  The shell beads are an off white color.

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