Monday, February 11, 2013

Trip to Jo-Ann's! and Star Wars throw

Jo-Ann's had a lot of coupons this week!  They just closed the location near me, so I went to the location on Foothill!  The findings were all on sale and so were the crochet hooks! (You can never have too many crochet hooks!).  I loved this Softee Yarn, the color blend was pretty and I am just going to make another scarf with it.  

My favorite find, was a no-sew Star Wars throw kit.

I have been wanting to work on one of these for awhile and what better way to start but with a Star Wars blanket!  It was pretty easy, but time consuming.

You just need to cut out the edges first......


And the cutting all around took some time....

Of course after I finished cutting all around, I had to tie the pieces together.

It wasn't perfect, but it was a good practice run!  It's on the bed in the bedroom!