Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Earrings of the day with a matching pendant! 2.13.13, Tiger's Eye and Onyx

Tiger's eye and onyx make a beautiful combination aesthetically and spiritually.   Onyx is a great protection stone and a great stone to wear when you want to let go of negative emotions.  Also it is a great stone to wear when you are forced to adapt to sudden change.  In other words, this stone can ground you. 
Tiger's eye is a good luck stone that is also a stone that is grounding.  It's a money and confident stone to wear.    Overall, Tiger's eye is a harmony stone.  Thus, together, these gemstones make a nice combination.

These tiny Tiger's eye beads are great for these findings.  The holes weren't too small and they were close to the small onyx beads I have.  I had a problem with the black findings I have because the stems were too short. 

As a result, I switched to a silver post and it fit just fine. 

I decided to add a Tiger's eye pendant with a satin cord for a necklace.  The pendant is silver plated! :)

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