Monday, February 25, 2013

Earrings of the day! 2/25/13

I had a small string of red aventurine beads that I was on the fence about, because I didn't know if I would use them for jewelry or another project.  I had a few oval green aventurine beads and saw that they would make a nice combo with earrings.  I could have just made a bracelet, but I want to save the rest of the red beads for other projects I have planned.

They look nice in darker light!  I like the ruddy tone to the red aventurine.  Red aventurine is great stone to wear for those with higher blood pressure and is a weight loss stone.  (so I have heard.)  Green aventurine is a great stone to wear to calm the nerves and is a good luck stone.  Most green stones are good luck stones. 

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