Monday, February 18, 2013

Earrings of the day 2.18.13 and I actually had some help!

Time to break out more Coral and Turquoise!  Biscuit decided that she wanted to help a little bit!  She loves round beads.  She kept staring at the coral beads like they were her toys.

Biscuit thinks this is all for her.......

Time to play!!!!

I started out with the shorter earring posts of the black findings and figured out quick that maybe I should make two pair.

I thought the longer pair were neat, but the shorter pair would weigh less on the ears.

The fishhooks were harder to work on the shorter pair.   Less stem to work with on the earrings. 

Coral is the essence of life and turquoise is a life stone.  Life stone meaning that is a luck stone.  I guess you can say they are lucky earrings.  

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