Friday, May 17, 2013

Autobot Earrings in various colors!

Well ...... I found more beads on Etsy last week and they arrived today!

I plan on ordering some in red soon.  Austin made a comment that the colors were goofy, but I'm a girl and I liked the variety of colors.  And I get it, I know the Autobot logo/insignia is suppose to be red.  (Unless it's shattered glass)! 

 This is pretty exciting for me, because I wanted to make Autobot earrings in different colors.  Sure, I know I should make some red ones, but I want to make ones in various colors to start out with.  Plus, I need to purchase more beads for Autobot necklaces, because I used my red Autobot beads that I had as pendants for necklaces.

I was trying to figure out the best way to make these and I decided to keep it simple.  A few pair have onyx beads attached and one pair has sterling silver findings. 

I used black metal plated findings for all of the pairs except for one pair and I cut them down to size.   These beads are not as large as they look. 

The white Autobot earrings have the sterling silver findings.  

Here are the results, I promise the red Autobot earrings are coming soon........

I like the purple ones, but I am biased, because I love purple.........

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