Sunday, May 19, 2013

Toy runs 5.18 - 5.19

Saturday was a good day and this weekend in general was great for toy hunting.  I found Blast Off at a City Target in West Hollywood.  They had the new Autobot discs there as well!  Blast Off was the last figure we needed to complete Decepticon Bruticus.

Notice my kitty Mashed Potatoes in the background.  He likes to go through all of the shopping bags that come in the door.  Below is a close up. 

Austin and I decided to visit a local Tuesday morning and cleaned their Kre-O stock out.  They had many Battleship and Transformer Kre-o sets marked down.  

The sets ranged from large to small and we decided to get them all.  Austin has been using all of the bricks for custom GI Joe sets that he has been working on so it's more of an investment.  

There were only two sideswipe sets and that was exciting to find those marked down.  You rarely see them the the close-out stores.  

The Devastator set isn't the Toys R Us exclusive, but there were three sets on the shelf.  This is a great find, because they were hundred dollar sets.  Tuesday Morning is the hidden gem of all of the discount stores.   :)

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