Monday, May 6, 2013

Autobot Accessories! Pendant Necklace and Scarf

I bought these chalk based beads off eBay.  They didn't have many available and I have six beads total in different colors.  It would be neat to make earrings, but these beads feel a bit heavy for that.  

This was not as easy as it looked, I used extra hoop findings and metal pieces.   I was going to make two, but I only had time to make one tonight.  I plan on making more necklaces in all different colors and I hope to be done in time for Bot Con.   I hope to make a few pairs of earrings too!

I added a black plastic bead at the bottom and just used one pendant bead for the necklace.

I have been working on a scarf on the loom for a while now.  I have extra autobot patches that I intended to use for this scarf.  The result is below.  It took longer than usual and I was happy that it at least came out pretty even. 

I hope I have time to start a Decepticon scarf this month in purple and white.......

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  1. These Are AutoBots Couture,Its Action Figure Couture.Very festive and Stylish,Coco Channel goes to Comic Con!!!