Sunday, May 5, 2013

In progress Human Hound Costume for Botcon 2013......

I decided I wanted to do a Human Hound costume for Botcon this year.  It's still in progress, but it will come together.  Hound is one of those Autobots that wants to be human anyway.  :) I started with an Army Green military shirt dress.

I have worn this to military themed nights at a Goth club I go to from time to time.  I plan to paint the stars on this costume yellow and add a tank that I will add more of Hound's front to.  I have an army green tank, but I may get a new one that matches this shirt more. 

For now, I added an autobot patch and plan on making some gloves that will have the same color theme as his arms.  More than likely, I will use arm warmers and not foam board or cardboard.  As for shoes, I am using combat boots in black and may add legwarmers in the appropriate colors over them.  More than likely,  I will at a black skirt or shorts to wear with this, because this dress is very short.  

For the helmet, I am using cardboard and just cutting up a couple of old cardboard boxes. 

This will not be exact or perfect, but I am hoping that it will not be too horrible for the first attempt.    I needed to make sure that the box would fit over my head and hair without being too uncomfortable. 

This was a hard one because right at the eyes, there is a distinct angle and the front is a bit rounded.  I wasn't going to be too hard on myself, at the end of the day, this is all for fun and to enhance my convention experience, not to impress people.  

Using hot glue and cardboard scrap, I assembled my Hound head. HAHA!  It looks longer than it is. Again, it's not perfect and needs to fit my big ole' head! 

I bought dark green and campground green paint to better match the dress.   I used a coat of the forest green, but it seemed too light at first.  

I did a full coat and let it dry before I opened the campground green to go over it and this color seemed to match the shirt dress better. 

This is ok for now, I may change it or adjust it some.  I like the color of this green, I didn't want to go too bright.   

I decided to use a tank top to make the front of Hound's jeep.  Foam headlights and black felt were used with hot glue.

This is quick and simple and it will not be uncomfortable to wear. Hey, I am not trying to wear a whole box, because I have to be comfortable.  Don't get me wrong, my hat goes off to all of the cosplayers that can wear the full robot get up and it is a true art form.  

The dress is going to look a little different after a few things are added.  I am a huge shoe person and I normally start with shoes with the costume, but this time I started with this shirt dress.  I am still not done.  The helmet needs more paint and I have to add much more.

The arms were easier than expected.  I used yellow felt and green arm warmers and I chose fingerless arm warmers because I am going to add black gloves.  

The Yellow felt strips.....

With the magic of hot glue, we have Hound's arms........

Still more work to be done, but it's coming together.

Here it is at Bot Con 2013.....

With my friend Rachel with her updated Human Ironhide......

The helmet fits snug, but I'll make improvements to it for next time.  I plan on updating this costume. 


  1. Hey Botcon is in San Diego this year. Maybe everybody who reads your blog will see you there!

    Pablo Abilez
    via Facebook