Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toy Runs on 5.14 & 5.15

Generations toys are hitting all of the close-out stores again!  It's always exciting to find toys that you have been looking for.  Austin and I have been looking for Grimlock for months and we have heard that people have been spotting them at the close-out stores.  Not in our area though.  In fact,  Target, Toys R Us and Walmart have had some slim pickings with the Generations figures.  

However, browsing at Target last night, I found four Autobot discs, Rewind, Sunder, Eject and Ranhorn.  We already bought Blaster and this was really unexpected.   

They are 9.99 at Target.  I figured, we had better get them now than used at a Bot Con for an outrageous price. So I scored.  People can laugh all they want, it's excited to find a toy that is hard to find that is rumored to be hitting the stores. 

After work today, Austin and I decided to visit our local T.J. Maxx and Ross.  It was a bust at Ross, but here is the score we found at T.J. Maxx:

Austin was stoked about the green bricks in the Combat chopper set and it was cool to find another Prowl!  The Kreon will be listed at our Ebay store!  Transformer Kreons always sell!  We use many of these spare bricks for Austin's custom creations.  All in all, it was a good day! 

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