Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning Part III

As this month begins and the clutter is driving me crazy, I have decided that more needs to go.  This is tough, because I live with a collector that doesn't like to throw things away.   I feel weighted down, so I'm doing the best I can to get rid of the things that I am allowed to.  Starting with clothes that are too small or too big.  Time to go.  Even if it's a cute  concert or pop culture tee.  If it will never fit right again, I am not going to hold onto it.   Below is what I first see when I open my closet door and this doesn't even show the shoe rack that holds 60 pairs of shoes that is on the other side of the door.  Look, I'm already practically embarrassing myself, because it's a mess and I need to do some serious reorganizing.  This will take some time.

But before I tackle my closet, I am working on my linen/tolietries closet, which is full of hair products that I've inherited from my mother.  My mom is a hair product junkie and since we have both gone natural, every month she is trying something new, then passing it on to me if she doesn't like it.  I do appreciate the products, but it has gotten overwhelming.  The good news is, is that I don't need to go shampoo shopping for about a year or two.

Here is the before:

I know, crap is all over the place.  

The Progress:

Getting all the shampoo and conditioner separated from everything else.  Getting all of the leave-in conditioners and gels set apart as well.  

I have nail polish, cotton pads, soap and shampoo hidden in the basket as well. 

Basket two?  Same thing, but this includes brushes, castor oil, Argan oil and maybe coconut oil???

And After:  I can find stuff again and it's a little better, but I still need to work my way through all of this stuff!

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