Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Closet full of Clothes! Time to weed and organize.

I always routinely weed out my closet.  I mean almost monthly.  I tend to bore easily with my wardrobe, thus I hit the stores with my mom, who knows what looks better on me than I do and I always leave her house with a new item of clothing.  It can be a sweater, skirt, shirt or a pair of jeans.  I am not complaining, I love clothes!  I mean LOVE clothes! I do not care about labels, I just like cute clothes than appeal to me!  I will shop for clothes anywhere.    My mom loves online shopping and knows where to find quality clothes for a fraction of the price.  She will buy something, wear it once, then give it to me and she also finds stuff I can wear to work.   This is nice because I do not enjoy shopping for business casual or professional attire. This is something I have allowed my mother to do for me.  Keep in mind, this woman dresses in T-shirts and jeans 90% of the time, but she loves shopping for clothes and shoes.   I love concert shirts, jeans, sneakers and Doc Martins.  When it's hot, I am in flip flops and sandals.  If I could get away with wearing clothes like this everyday to work I would.  Sometimes, I'll wear a cotton dress or something black.  Yes, black.  You can never go wrong with black clothes.  I never go out in public in sweats and workout clothes to run errands or go shopping.  That is my limit.  If you are actually working out, that's one thing, but if you are walking around in Yoga pants trying to be cute, that's another thing. Too many ladies do this and it makes you look dirty.   Plus, it's a pet peeve of the Mr. to see women in sweats out in public.  He does have a point,  it is tacky and who wants to see that all the time?  It's almost a fashion statement in LA.  So you work out, there is not need to show that off, because it's a good idea to do that anyway for health reasons.

Once upon a time when I worked in a dungeon in Long Beach and did accounting, I wore jeans and t-shirts daily and hardly spent money on clothes.  When I did, it was for the goth club or something really inappropriate for the office like a corset or fishnets.    Whenever I buy something trendy, I tend to get rid of it in less than a year or the item of clothing wears out and it gets tossed.  Again, I don't weed my closet seasonally, I do this all the time.   I find myself frustrated at piles of clothes, so I'll start a Goodwill bag or a best friend pile (stuff I'll send to Meg in Boston.  She tends to make my clothes look cooler on her than on me) and they do look great on her.  We are still lucky we wear the same size after nearly 20 years and have similar tastes. ( We used to be attracted to the same type of men, but thank goodness that changed.)  I'll also send items to Christi, but this is usually accessory related.  Costume jewelry (she loves jewelry) and handbags.  I practically kill handbags, so this is something that I shop for often as well.

This seldom happens, but if something can be used for a costume or cosplay, I put it aside.  This is usually in the shoe department. (My shoe obsession is unhealthy.  I have over 70 pair. This deserves another blog post.)  My mom and I share a shoe problem.  It's such a problem until I buy the Mr. pairs of shoes. It must be a black thang, but you have to have matching sneakers to go with different colored jerseys and shirts, right? He went from 3 pairs to 8 pairs and now he's annoyed! hahaha!

Overall, it's that time again.  Pantyhose, costumes, T-shirts, faded jeans, beat up shoes, dated trendy dresses, anything polyester, worn out cotton shirts and anything that doesn't fit needs to go.  There are a few precious items that I refuse to part with, but the older I'm getting, they are getting few and far between.  My closets can only hold so much and there are so many things that I can wear.  Why hoard?

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