Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moonstone Pendant

I bought this sterling silver moonstone claw pendant from semiprecious.com and I love it!  It can work with a satin cord necklace or a silver box chain.   For this pendant, I am using a satin bead ready cord.

The easy result.....

Moonstones absorb the wearers emotions and encourages emotional balance.  Thus, it is a support stone that helps one adapt to emotional changes and eases conflict.  It is a good stone for sensitive people to wear as it guards the heart.     It is a great stone for women of all ages to wear.   Along with Rose Quartz,  Moonstone is great for fertility, intuition, luck eternal love and protection during rough times.   In addition, it balances the hormones, aids in digestion and relieves thyroid issues.   I actually prefer this stone to Rose Quartz.




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