Friday, March 29, 2013

Earrings of the day

Maybe it was because it was late today that I started these pair, but it was a struggle for some reason.  Had to change findings and carnelian beads twice.   I started out with these oval, smaller carnelian beads with sterling silver findings and fish hooks.   I took out a few carnelian nugget beads just in case.

This worked for me, but I needed to add some spacers to the top.

 I started with hematite spacers, but they were too small and more space was available.

 As a result, I used the round onyx spacer beads instead and it worked out better.

The combo below seemed to work, but the silver was especially soft tonight, or maybe my triple chocolate latte I made was a little too strong, thus, the earrings suffered at my man-handling.

I needed to start all over.  The nugget beads were heavy and the smaller beads are more appropriate for projects using wire or really thin stretchy cord.   I decided to use, black metal plated  findings.  Sorry for the blurry pic.....I am blaming the caffeine tonight......

I took the carnelian nuggets and the onyx bead and put together a simple pair. 

The onyx accent in the middle made the most sense.  

The end result.  This will work for me......

Carnelian is a second chakra stone and is grounding as well as centering.  It is a stone for sexual and physical energy for women and is good for depression.    Some people believe this stone can aid in career success and prosperity.  In addition, it can enhance creativity and confidence.  I like the variation in colors which ranges from bright orange to coral to salmon to peach to a light brown. I think onyx is a great stone to add to just about any pair of earrings.   

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