Friday, March 15, 2013

Pendants of the day 3.15.13

I took two different ready pendants, rose quartz and snowflake obsidian to make satin cord necklaces.

Rose Quartz is a love and friendship stone.  In addition, it supports fertility, headaches, depression and reduces wrinkles.  This is only a few things this stone does.  I plan on elaborating with my extensive research in a future blog.  

Now I have heard that Snowflake obsidian is a great weight loss stone.  I forgot where, but when I have researched it I didn't see much about it being a weight loss stone. 

This particular pendant is also sterling silver and would work great with a thicker cord or thick choker.   I have read that the stone is a great purifying stone.  It is stated that it releases negative patterns and helps the wearer be open to positive change.  

This stone also improves circulation which may aid in weight loss with some people, but not everyone.   Circulation is vital to the cells. 

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