Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pendant of the day

I love these bead ready necklace cords, because they have just the right thickness.  They come in all colors and Joann's sells them!  My stepdad and I like going to all the craft stores. While we were browsing, he spotted these necklace cords in blue, pink, yellow and green.  I was happy to find the blue because I knew it would compliment the citrine and apatite pendant I had been waiting to use for a necklace.

It's larger than I normally like, but I love both stones.   

Citrine is a love and money stone, so this is a great "power pendant".   It is a good stone to wear while you shop and it increases productivity in certain lines of work.  (people who work directly with money)  Citrine is stated to shield the wearer from hate and jealousy from others.  Thus, it promotes peace and resolution of conflict.   Yay!  Plus, Apatite is known to be a weight loss stone.  I don't believe in magic, but I do believe in energy.  


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