Saturday, March 9, 2013

Earrings of the Day and Apatite pendant! 3/9/13

I wanted to use one of my apatite pendants for the light blue ribbon choker I had.  This was easy!  The pendants are on the larger side, so it doesn't look too bulky partnered with the choker.

A pendant of this size should be partnered with a thick ribbon choker.  It wouldn't look right on a thinner satin or leather cord necklace.  

The stones may be synthetic, but they are still pretty.  

The end result.......

 Apatite with a touch of peridot and garnet.  I wonder if wearing this will really help suppress the appetite?

My friend Donna requested that I make something in purple, lavender or blue for her.  Thus, I started with some Lapis Lazuli chipped beads and some sterling silver findings.   The fish hooks are my favorite type of earrings to work with.  Lapis lazuli is a truth gemstone and it has such a rich blue color!  It is a great stone ti wear with jeans! 

The purple stones able the blue chipped stones are chipped Amethyst beads, but I'm sticking to the Lapis Lazuli this time.  

I chose shorter posts for these because chipped bead earrings look better on shorter posts.

The End result.....

One pair down, another pair to go!

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